ૐ Antxon Casuso ૐ

Gipuzkoa, Spain

Born in 1975 in the Gipuzkoana town of Errenteria, it can be said that he lived the golden age of electronic music during the 90s, undisputed client of all the rooms throughout the Basque and national geography, following a multitude of DJ's who love electronic music in all its variants in 2015 decided to resume its fondness for electronic music, betting on a genre with very little pull in the national territory such as TRANCE, little by little and based on constancy and above all enthusiasm its name reaches the ears of the collective, THE ELECTRONIC REVOLUTION OF THE BASQUE COUNTRY, which invites you to participate in a championship at the regional level, true to its style of music TRANCE and against all odds it is possible to classify in second place, as a result of the championship known to more DJ'S of the geography with which it forms a great friendship From this alliance between DJ’S, the friendship that unites them, their passion for electronic music and their dedication, their styles begin to sound throughout the Basque geography, with a welcome that we never expected. Antxon Casuso, faithful to his style, do not ask him to mix another genre, he enjoys DJing, he infects you with energy, makes you get up and enjoy the best TRANCE ,,,, I have really seen him live and he is a master knowing how to reach the public and putting on a show worth seeing. With more than 4800 followers and more than 500 sessions in his space on the Mixcloud website, this Basque DJ has a lot of potential and a lot to offer to the Basque and National electronic scene.

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