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Sexyy Red "Get It Sexyy"

St. Louis rapper Sexyy Red, a master of deadpan nastiness, had a huge breakout year in 2023, and she’s remained in the conversation in 2024. Since she released her Hood Hottest Princess deluxe edition in December, Sexyy has had a pretend music-video baby with Drake and made Questlove feel like he has to defend her inclusion on the Roots Picnic lineup. Now, Sexyy’s got a new single, and it’s a good one.

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The new song “Get It Sexyy” has a heavy, churning beat from Tay Keith, the Memphis producer who worked on Sexyy Red’s breakout hits “Pound Town” and “SkeeYee,” and those two make perfect sense together. It’s got that old Waka Flocka Flame world-exploding feeling, but Sexyy sounds calm and unimpressed while she talks her shit: “Booty shorts, coochie swoll/ Thong all up my bootyhole/ N***as cheaters, they on go/ Trust a n***a, that’s a no/ He can eat my coochie, though/ Awesome johnson got me throwed.” Listen below.

Sexyy Red is also prominently featured on another new song that could easily blow up. West Palm Beach rapper Bossman Dlow has been blowing up in the past few months, scoring massive viral hits with his singles “Get In With Me” and “Mr Pot Scraper.” Today, Bossman Dlow releases his new mixtape Mr Beat The Road, and one of its tracks is an excessively horny Sexyy Red duet called “Come Here.


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