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Omaha, United States Peters Bio short version Music has always been an inspiration, it’s powerful and speaks character, love for electronic dance music, growing up in Los Angeles. Hard house, house, techno, would be something to zone out to and jam, and used to have some cassettes from DJ Juanito feat. Lina Santiago-Feels so good, “Planet Soul- Planet Soul and Feel The music”, shoot, DJ Enrie and Gera Pera aka Dj Sinners cassette with mixes he put together for Peter The Rocks who’s also his cousin. Fast forwarding to 2002 is when he received his first DJ gear, 2 studio monitors 2 American DJ cd decks and a 2 channel mixer from Gemini. Started mixing at 15 it’s been a dream playing in front of an audience to watch them dance and feel that energetic vibe and therapy. Peter The Rock is an LA native that moved to Omaha Nebraska back in March of 2019, found a local bar called Bar 415 on Facebook where it all began, Peter The Rocks is focuses on bringing new sounds from LA to Omaha, keeping the Undground alive FREE DOWNLOADS



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