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Mike Riverra

Ploiesti, Romania

Gather 'round, mere mortals, for we present the sonic deity, Mike Riverra! His music career is not just a journey; it's a musical Odyssey that spans over 25 epic years. His name isn't just respected in the Romanian club scene; it's practically a legend whispered in awe by clubbers across the land. 🌟🎵 But lo and behold, in May 2010, he ascended to a higher plane of existence, birthing ClubMix Radio Romania. This online streaming radio station isn't merely growing; it's an unstoppable musical supernova, blazing through the EDM cosmos. It's a colossal project that has summoned both fresh, starry-eyed DJs and revered maestros from all corners of our pale blue dot. Their roster reads like a hall of fame with over 100 residents, a musical pantheon delivering every EDM flavor under the sun. Mike Riverra isn't just a DJ; he's a sonic sorcerer, orchestrating an otherworldly dance symphony that'll send shivers down your spine and have you dancing like a deity. 🚀🕺💥





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