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Drake ft. Sexyy Red & SZA - Rich Baby Daddy

Drake has entered his suburban dad phase — at least artistically speaking. The 6 God helms the “Rich Baby Daddy” music video — which arrived on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) — for which he serves as the vintage clip’s director and co-star.

The OVO boss captures an ’80s aesthetic while utilizing a classic camcorder to give the visual a home-video type of feel. Drizzy and Sexyy Red cosplay a suburban couple, with SZA as their third-wheel friend.


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Drake, SZA and Sexyy party the night away on New Year’s Eve in the visual, but the alarms are sounded when a pregnant Red believes her water broke. SZA implores Drizzy to stop recording and take the situation seriously as they race to the hospital.

“Are you f—ing dumb? Can you stop?” the “Snooze” singer hilariously scolds Drake in a deadpan manner.

While Big Sexyy goes through the pain of labor, Drake and SZA throw a party outside, taking over the hallways of the hospital with their friends.

Congratulations are in order for Red as Drake wheels her out of the delivery room with her baby, and she joins the twerking fiesta. Sexyy raps her bars in her hospital gown while holding her newborn to keep the balloon- and flower-filled party going.


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The clip closes with a message to the “Pound Town” rapper that seems to be alluding to the actual birth of her second child: “Congratulations Red!!! We love you.”

“Rich Baby Daddy” jumped off Drake’s For All the Dogs album as an immediate fan-favorite, and provided the soundtrack for adult entertainment establishments across the nation throughout the fall. The anthem reached No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the U.S. Rhythmic Airplay chart.


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