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Vancouver, Canada

Canadian DJ. I mix 1Trance, 2Fullon Psy Trance, 3Progressive Psy Trance, 4Tech Trance, 5Progressive Trance, 6 Vocal Trance, 7Techno, 8Dark Techno, 9Minimal Techno, 10Hard Techno, 11Acid Techno, 12Big Room Techno/New Techno, 13Big Room House, 14Big Room Trance, 15Progressive House, 16Melodic House, 17Tech House, 18Indie Dance 19Nu Disco, 20Future House, 21Electro House, 22Drum & Bass, 23Deep House, 24Afro House,25House, 26Bass House, 27Future House, 28EDM, 29Hi Tech, 30Forest,31Dark Psy,32 Brazilian Bass, 33 Desande, 34Euro Dance 90s.


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