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Central Cee and Lil Baby are arguably the biggest rappers in their territories right now. Repping the UK and the ATL, respectively, the two have proven track records of delivering the heat. And as they join forces, the two level up in their lives of luxury with their new collaboration, “BAND4BAND.”

Over a UK drill beat, the two boast about their lavish lifestyles. But while they don’t second guess the idea of balling out for themselves, they make sure to take care of the crew that’s been with them all the way.

“I’m not in the mood cah my flight delayed / So I jumped on a private jet and I’m askin’ the pilot the ETA / Lambo’ parked on the landin’ strip, everyone in my gang and my DJ paid,” raps Cench in the song’s opening verse.

Meanwhile, Lil Baby reminds us that even though he has elevated to superstar status now, he still hasn’t forgotten where he came from.

“I done got rich, but I’m still with the sh*t / land in London and go to the ends,” Baby raps on his verse.

In the song’s accompanying video, Baby and Cench are seen traveling across the world, flying on private jets and embarking on shopping sprees.


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